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Pursuit of Your Route

Jan 23, 2019

Lucy is my first cousin. She was born in Ireland but grew up in Italy. She moved back to Ireland to attend college in 2014. I really wanted to chat with Lucy for the first Pursuit of Your Route Podcast because the idea behind Pursuit of Your Route derived from several conversations Lucy and I have had over the last few years.

We often spoke at length about what we wanted to do career wise. Having both done music related courses for our undergraduate degrees, we found that while we both had a passion for music, we didn't necessarily want to pursue it as a career path.

Throughout the course of this conversation, Lucy gives us a great insight into the difficulties of securing ones first choice of course after finishing secondary school. She talks about her studies and work in music production and why she decided to keep music as a passion as oppose to making it a career choice. Now studying Comparative Social Change in Dublin, Lucy explains why she feels that this course really suits her.

We discuss the pressure that secondary school students are under to attend university after finishing school and the fact that alternate options to university should be encouraged more here in Ireland.

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