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Pursuit of Your Route

Mar 1, 2019

Hugh Weldon and Ahmad Mu’azzam are co-founders of Evocco, a smartphone app which educates consumers on the environmental impact of their food purchases and provides them with tools to help them reduce it.

Having been included in the Irish times “50 people to watch in 2019” list and Silicon Republics “Europe Start Up 100” list, Evocco has been gaining a lot of attention recently, particularly after winning the UN Young Champion of the Earth Prize last year. Therefore, there are many people looking forward to the Evocco app launch in March 2019.

In this episode, we discuss how the co-founders met at Trinity College while studying engineering. We talk about the challenges and rewards they have experienced since taking on Evocco full time in their early twenties. They talk about their efforts to secure funding and they share the advice they’d give to their 18 year old selves and to those thinking of starting and developing their own business. This episode is packed with honest advice and great insights from these two young, ambitious entrepreneurs. I really hope you enjoy it!

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