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Pursuit of Your Route

May 9, 2020

Alan O'Mara has had a really interesting and varied career path.

In this episode, we chat about his roles to date - from being promoted to Sports Editor at a Cavan newspaper at only 17, to working as the National Social Media Manager with the GAA, to setting up his own company Real Talks in 2016.

We also touch on his time playing football for Cavan and his experience with depression. Whether you're struggling with your mental health or trying to figure out what you'd like to do career wise, Alan speaks about the importance of reaching out for help and guidance in these situations. 

We also chat about Alan's previous roles as Communications and Fundraising Manager with, Player Engagement Officer Officer with the GPA and Player Development Coach with the Cavan senior footballers. Alan also talks about the new job opportunities he's been exploring in New York. 

This episodes a little bit longer than usual as it’s packed with really helpful and practical insights and advice from Alan.

If your someone whose struggling to figure out what you want to do career wise, I’d highly recommend popping in your ear phones and listening to this episode of the Pursuit of Your Route Podcast.

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